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Yii is “yes it is” from this we can know that surely it would be a highly needed technology for website developers for its high performance. It is suitable for all types of users who aim to develop websites of different range and size. It is an open source, object oriented and MVC dependent structure. It is written in PHP5 which gives rapid development for the product. The developer has the full control of all the features and process.We have a highly creative minded team who all most extract and use all the advantageous features of Yii to provide a professional website to meet the requirements of today’s competitive world.

  • Features of Yii development
  • Benefits of Yii
  • Yii supports complex WSDL web services.
  • It works from all known web programming frame works.
  • It can also be enabled in AJAX enabled widgets which enables highly efficient and versatile features.
  • Different types of caching like data caching, page caching, fragment caching helps to configure a application and to improve the performance of the web application.
  • Automatic code generation tools are supported by Yii which create, edit, delete and read features which saves the time taken and simplifies the user’s effort.
  • It follows MVC architecture which gives clarity in the design and development.
  • All the properties tools and other keys are clearly documented.
  • Yii also supports almost all regional languages with message translation, date and time formatting.
  • It is enabled with excellent error handling features and routes to proper and categorized destinations.
  • It supports an extension library with user defined components which helps for the future reference of the same user or others.
  • It is designed in such way to support all most all types of codes for the ease of the user. So other codes can be used in Yii development which allows the user to develop a satisfied and desired product.
  • Yii is developed with many security features for the controlled access of the tools and other documents in the product.
  • Error handling is simplified and quick process.
  • It has automatic code generators which generate error free codes and reduces the time taken.
  • The scaffolding features are much effective for the development of the complete product.
  • It is one of the most secure forms of development.
  • It is flexible and highly extensible.
  • It has rich set of AJAX widgets which provides highly efficient user inrterfaces.
  • It is very much cost effective.
  • It provides an open library where user can contribute numerous ideas.
  • Code from different PHP can be used in Yii without any complexities

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