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Over the years, we have delivered solutions that have given our customers an edge over their competitors. Their aesthetic designs and efficient delivery of objectives, have won them many laurels. We have showcased some of our solutions here. They have been categorized based on the business vertical or on the technology used.

Category : Textile and Silk Sarees Shop Billing Software

Textile and Silk Sarees Shop Billing Software

Textile and Silk Sarees Shop Billing Software

Textile Focus Billing 2.0 is the latest version of Textile Billing Software developed by Line Focus Technologies exclusively for Silk Sarees Shop, Textiles, Readymade Showrooms, and Retail Shops and so on. Our Textile Focus Billing Software can be used by any textile shops from a small showroom to a big shop of multiple users.

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Category : Freight Forwarding system

Freight Forwarding system

fleet forwarding application logistics

Fleet forwarding systems generally consists of telemetric systems which uses remote devices to monitor the fleet applications and presents it in useable formats to users. Using this system effectively leads to increased productivity through reducing the operational costs, fuel consumption, and employee management and also increases the utility.
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Category : School Management Software

School Management Software

school management software

The latest school management software developed by us is a real time software which comes with features which helps to reduce the complexities in managing various departments in a school i.e. Admission process, In Administration, Maintaining Attendance, Accounts, Syllabus planning etc…. This software is more worthy for schools with many branches.
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Category : Web Portal

Web Portal

online portals

Online portals or web portals are websites or web pages which brings detailed information together from diverse source in a uniform way. The websites information describes about a particular service or is dedicated to a particular area. The portals are designed depending upon the individual user and their needs. Our team designs job portals, Matrimonial portals, news portals, Cultural portals, stock portals, domain portals etc...
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Category : E-commerce


e-commerce applications

E-commerce is the most promising and fastest growing technology. This supports all types of commerce from general shopping to shipping. This software allows the user to do shopping in any particular complex from anywhere in the world. This software enables global marketing thereby promoting them to compete in the global market easily and can reach customers around the globe.
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Category : Account Management Software

Account Management Software

account management software

Accounts management software simplifies the process of accounting for any individual or for an organization. Line focus takes utmost effort so that beyond accounting other aspects such as speed, flexibility & latest technologies which cover all financial capabilities are also incorporated with this software. The tools we use help you to follow upon sales, find the latest analytics, metrics and updates relevant to your organization.
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Category : Travel-Management-Software


travel management software

Business travels and tour are essential to build a better relationship and for growth. We help you to manage travel programs by giving you a well managed travel program that delivers great value to the organization and travelers. This software is not only helps business organization but also helps travel agents to organize a travel plan and to manage their customers
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Category :Real Estate Software

Real Estate Software

real estate software

Real estate software are mainly used to implement easy business techniques in real estate and other business dealing with intellectual property. This helps the users to facilitate the management of properties, sales, cash flow, legalities, and material utility all through single centralized software. We provide you this software with high range of user interface and dashboard simplicity.
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Category :Courier Management Software

Online Courier Management Software

courier software

Our Online Courier Management Application is developed with the latest technology and State of the Art Database. This Management Software will be very much useful for the Courier concerns to process orders quickly without any duplication of work and thereby increase Efficiency and Productivity. The Application can be accessed both in Mobile Phone and Online.
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