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PhpBB is an open source internet forum developed using PHP programming language .It is used to design or develop a template or theme for websites. It can also be interfaced with other extensions for management functions. PhpBB forum can either be customized or can be integrated with other extensions or websites which attracts it globally. It also uses the advantage of caching system to increase performance. It almost supports all database management systems.

  • Features
  • It is compatible to all most all languages and also provides cross browser support.
  • We can customize and enhance all most all activities in the board.
  • Even the users can access certain features signature, profile settings and can make changes according to their needs and can experience much smoother operations.
  • It has tools to overcome spam and other unwanted users.
  • IT has high security features all passwords are hashed before it is stored in the database.
  • Different styles can be installed and used by the user to derive a website of his/her interest.
  • It has also got attachment settings user can attach certain files like in e-mail. The administrator decides what type of files can be attached.
  • It is so user friendly and the user can learn the tools within a short period of time.
  • Line focus provides you quality rich PhpBB forum with all possible available enhancements and interfaces to suit your needs. We almost use enhanced and updated features to give you best of the product.

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