Modx Customization

ModX is web application framework used to develop content and to publish the content in the World Wide Web and other intranets. It is based on PHP and it is also an open source content management system. It also supports MYSQL and Microsoft SQL. As content gives the main idea about a process it is more important to keep our content perfect and precise. ModX customization is used to enhance the content in all aspects.


  • It is technology independent so it can work on any technology. So we can use combinations of any technology to enhance the quality of the content irrespective of the platform working with.
  • The content customized with ModX is clearly viewed through all devices as it does not restricts the content in any way for different devices.
  • It provides pixel perfect precision that is fits properly into a website.
  • Even people without technical skills can handle it to fix a error or to create new content so it is easy to work with.
  • Incorporates different styles to give a different look to your content.
  • It can be interfaced with all regional languages so it works globally.
  • ModX is cost effective as there is nothing like service charges for ModX.
  • We can have control on access to the content. That is access is only given to those specified by the concern.
  • It can adapt itself to future changes in the content management system.
  • Ecommerce integration is also possible with ModX.
  • So our team takes on advantage of ModX customization to make your content very much precise and gives you a better reach to your audience.


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