Logo Design

A logo is a word or a symbol which gives unique recognition for an organization. It is a tool to build an identity for the organization’s brand and also develops a favorable and positive attitude towards its products.

Logo designing is a process of graphic designing in which a designer designs a text, image or a symbol to represent a organization or its product.

We design different types of logo designs such as word mark, letterform, emblem, iconic or symbolic, and graphical. A good logo should have the following features:

  • Simple: It should have simple design and clear structure
  • Memorable: It should be easily recognized and identifies a business in its simplest form.
  • Timeless: should not be affected by the passage of time, it should be future proof and be effective in long run of time.
  • Versatile: It should adapt itself to various changes and should exhibit various functions and activities.
  • Appropriate: it should exactly feature the distinct nature or characteristics of a product or organization.

At line focus we have highly technically qualified designers who design your logo with high degree of precision and with all the above features without any loss in the quality of the product. We use latest tools and technologies to design your product. We understand your needs thoroughly and work on each and every minute details of the product to design according to the latest market trends which makes you popular among your audience.


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