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CakePHP is an open source web development framework. It follows Model-View-Controller and is developed using PHP. IT is the basic for user to create web application. It provides powerful controllers, models and an excellent view.There are many controller each offering different functions. A user can use or change the data by accessing database tables through models. The controller has all the functionality controls and there should be no link between the Models and views. Our primary goal is to enable you to work in a structured and rapid manner–without loss of flexibility. Our team makes prominent efforts to develop a quality CakePHP to accelerate your business growth.

  • Features of CakePHP
  • Benefits of CakePHP
  • CakePHP follows Active Record approach in this all the database tables are given in PHP class so there is no need to think of the conversions for PHP to SQL.
  • Scaffolding is implemented in CakePHP which simplifies the developers work it is just enough to define the requirements. It simplifies the users heavy process of writing big codes.
  • The controller, model and view are distinguished from each other so it is easy to apply change quickly and effectively as it does not affect other feature. By this way it saves a lot of time.t
  • It provides data validation so it clearly understands what the user requires.
  • It provides a high system of authentication access controls. The admin have the entire control and they can restrict the access of certain pages to the users and also user groups can be formed for different authentication purpose.
  • CakePHP can be developed or used for any regional languages. A language specifier file is created and this file sets the application to a particular language depending on the accessed url. There special keys to refer to the application.
  • CakePHP uses the advantages of different types of caching to reduce the effects on server while working with static web pages.
  • It follows simple configuration settings; there is no need to follow complicated XML files.
  • The code generation helps to quickly modify the features a user can customize the application when needed. Scaffolding and code generation together helps the user to run the application quickly and effectively.
  • Reusability of codes. Same codes can be used to different applications and is highly flexible and the application can be tailored at any developing stage.
  • It is available free for everyone as it comes with MIT license. It can work in any browser or directory.
  • It is easy to learn and use. Developers find easy to work with this tool as it reduce the efforts of the developers in code development phase in creating a website.
  • As it integrates easily with other technologies it is possible to give an effective product by combining more effective tools for the better output. Also there won’t be any technical issues while working in different platforms
  • As it is an open source tool it is very much cost effective.
  • It is highly secure and reliable technology.
  • Reusability of codes for more than one application is possible and it uses fewer codes when compared to other tools which reduces the time spent and increases the speed.
  • It has auto detect features so there is no need to specify the location.
  • It has built-in validation features.
  • CakePHP is prominent for its highly secured process. It defines high authentication features. The control lies with the single admin.

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